Ghana Tourism Development Project (GTDP) 

The Tourism Development Project is being implemented by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) with funding from the World Bank.

Project Details

→ Original Project Amount: USD 40.0m      
→ Approval Date: 13/07/2018         
→ Signing Date: 12/12/2018          
→ Effectiveness Date: 08/02/2019         
→ Closing Date: 30/09/2023

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve the performance of  tourism in targeted destinations in Ghana 

Key Indicators

The project will measure progress towards achieving these objectives according to three main indicators:
→ Number of international tourists identifying leisure as their main purpose of visit;
→ Average length of stay in targeted destination areas; and
→ Number of visitors to upgraded attraction sites.

Project Components

→ Component 1: Strengthening tourism enabling environment

→ Tourism skills development
→ Aviation and e-visa policy
→ Tourism branding and marketing

→ Component 2: Developing tourism sites and destinations

→ Destination planning and development

→ Component 3: Tourism enterprise support

→ Business plan competition and business development services
→ Matching grants

→ Component 4: Project management and institutional strengthening

Implementing Agencies

→ Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture
→ Ghana Tourism Authority
→ Ghana Tourism Development Company

Beneficiary Agencies

→ Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture
→ Ghana Tourism Authority
→ Ghana Tourism Development Company
→ Ghana Museums and Monuments Board
→ Forestry Commission

Implementation Arrangement

The Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) is set up with the following positions in place:
→ Project Coordinator
→ Technical Advisor
→ Procurement Specialist
→ Project Accountant
→ Environmental Safeguards Specialist
→ Social Safeguards Specialist
→ Communication Specialist
→ Procurement Officer
→ Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
→ Administration Officer
→ Project Accounts Officer
→ Project Secretary

Project Update

Procurement relating works, goods, and consultancies have been made and some ongoing. Details including financial upadtes are with the GTDP.

Key Achievements

→ New proactive and focused leadership
→ Increased disbursement from April 2021 to date
→ Completed significant number of projects since April 2021

Selected Completed Projects

→ Kintampo Waterfalls Site Upgrade
→ Gwolu Receptive Facility
→ Damang Arts Training Center
→ Bonwire Crafts Village
→ Bogyawe Palace Museum – Akwamufie
→ Ankasa Forest Reserve Receptive Facility
→ Nzulezu Receptive Facility
→ Gushegu Smock Village

Key Achievements – Grants

→ Bisa Abrewa
→ Afadjato Ecotourism Park
→ Paga Crocodile Pond
→ Manhyia Musuem
→ Bunso Eco Village

Major Pipeline Events – Iconics

→ Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park
→ Elmina Iconic Park
→ Yaa Asantewaa Museum
→ Cape Coast Castle Slavery Museum Renovations
→ Dome Theatres
→ Safari Vehicles
→ Craft Making Sites

Key Challenges

→ COVID-19 Pandemic Ramifications
→ Delays in request for payment to vendors
→ Delays caused by the Bank’s intended action to restructure the Project


The GTDP had disbursed over 30 million Ghana Cedis to the tourism, arts, and culture players, representing a phenomenal increase in the amount disbursed in 2020. This success was chalked out of hard work, diligence, and proactiveness of the new leadership.

In sum, although the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to create uncertainties for the tourism industry— nonetheless, among the tourism stakeholders in Ghana (both at the statal and parastatal levels and the private sector), there is great enthusiasm for the speedy recovery of the tourism industry, and this enthusiasm is inextricably linked to the proactive interventions under the GTDP.